Grand Island 2014 - TLAndersonphoto

I'm offering something new in regards to facebook photos.  If you place an order with me and order prints, I will gladly tag you in photos on facebook, so you can share your ride moments with your online friends and family.  I just ask that you don't alter the photos or crop out my logo, and printing the photos is not allowed per my personal use license and copyright.  Send me an email if this is something you are interested in. 

Also, please note, I rarely crop my original images.  Instead, most of the images on these pages are the original file size that my camera shoots.  I offer them this way to you, so you have more flexibility and control when you order prints, as far as sizes and how you prefer to crop them.  Just keep in mind, more than likely, some cropping will need to be done in the shopping cart when you order them.  If you are interested in a nonstandard size print, I have found a wonderful framer online that offers beautiful and very reasonably priced custom size frames.  Please email me for details. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos!  We had a beautiful weekend for the 2014 Grand Island Ride!  Thanks for looking! :)